Concrete Saw Cutting & Removal in Central Illinois

With little disruption as possible, we know how to handle any size concrete cutting and removal projects. Since our inception, we have grown in expertise and skill as one of the most trusted concrete cutting and removal service in central Illinois and surrounding areas. Our contractors are proficient with modern technologies that can get the job done.

We get the job done

Our team at Jaren Industries is knowledgeable in determining where the cuts will take place. To reduce the likelihood of cracking due to shrinkage, our concrete saw cuts are done at a predetermined spacing. Various factors come into play when deciding where to cut concrete. For instance, you have to consider the concrete mix type, weather condition, and aggregate type. Even something as small as a blade type is imperative in our decision making.

Well, *you* don't have to look at anything. Jaren Industries will be doing all the grunt work for you! Give us a call today at (217) 787-1210 for any questions or concerns!