Customer Reviews

We don't say we are the best in the business, our customers do.
Working with Jaren Industries was wonderful. My mother owns a building that was totally destroyed by vandals and needed to be demolished. Although we are three time zones and more than 4,000 miles away from the building (and Jaren), it could not have been easier to work with Jaren. The owners were responsive, prompt, professional, and reliable. We were able to accomplish our transaction completely by phone and email. I felt comfortable working with Jaren, even though it was long-distance, and I was not disappointed. Jaren did an excellent job demolishing the building, disposing of the waste, and properly taking care of the land after demolition (filling and grading). Everything about our transaction was positive, and I know that Jaren did extra work to make sure that the job was done correctly. The vandalism to the building and the fact that it had to be demolished was very stressful for my mother and me. Trying to take care of the demolition long-distance added to that stress. Working with Jaren relieved that added part of the stress and made it easy to get the demolition accomplished. Jaren kept us informed of progress and provided photographs to us. The frequent communications were more than expected and were definitely welcomed. We are thankful and grateful to Jaren for the competent and professional job that they did, and for being such wonderful people to work with. Given our positive experience, I would not hesitate to recommend Jaren Industries.

By M. G.

The folks at Jaren are professional, timely and very reasonably priced. Highly recommended. We have utilized their services for both demolition and excavation work. Very satisfied with everything.

By D. C.